"The figure is one of the hardest subject matters to do; he looks very at ease with it. I think there's a beautiful weight in the pieces, his creativity, his looseness. They're not renderings, they're art. They're beautiful."

Ben Roth

"Eliot's personality comes out with his figure work. Excellent black and white contrast. He has strong lines, very strong darks and lights...It's an excellent show of his commitment to his art."

Bobbi Miller

"I think Eliot is just a master of the ink. I sense the joy that he takes in doing it because the lines a freely handled so there's a beautiful sense of light and he has a great sense of design and proportion and he's innovative too."

Dwayne Harty

"Few places in the united states are so photographed, written about, drawn, and painted as the areas around Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. Of course, few places are so enduringly wild and beautiful. Here, air offers light in mesmerizing colors, water flows with melodic rhythm, and rocks cast prismatic shadows.
In a time when electronic inventions and technical wizardry seem able to access anything anywhere, our souls still seek
contact with earth’s most basic elements. In the absence of the real thing, artists’ impressions help us make those connections. We need to acknowledge and treasure such gifts."

Valerie Beck

"Eckhart Tolle remarked, 'All true artists, whether they know it or not, create from a place of no-mind, from inner stillness.'
Eliot’s collection of landscapes bring to mind solitary walks near the mountains, streams and canyons where inner stillness resides. I felt this when I first viewed his work and have been an admirer the past ten years. The Art Association of Jackson Hole as well as our community embrace Eliot’s art and follow his landscape journey – wherever it may take him."

Karen Stewart, Executive Director, Art Association of Jackson Hole

"Eliot Goss, with quiet power and artful use of color & composition, interprets his respect and appreciation of the landscape in a serene and elegant manner."

Julie Obering